Difference between nettalk duo and duo II

There is a price difference between nettalk duo and duo II, with duo priced higher. But what’s the difference between the features?
I found no real difference except that duo offers one year of free service while duo II offers only 3 months. So unless you only want to test the service for 3 months, go for the duo.

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  • Trying to renew Nettalk is IMPOSSIBLE. THE SYSTEM WILL NOT ACCEPT THE USER NAME AND PASSWORD I HAVE TWO ACCOUNTS AND IT WILL NOT ACCEPT EITHER.FURTHER, THE 866 NUMBER TECH SUPPORT JUST ROTATES THE TALK AND NEVER CONTACTS YOU TO A TECHNICIAN TO RENEW. I have promoted the seivrce to probably 20 people over the past year, but I cannot even RENEW the seivrce after several attempts. I sell my time and have spent about $$900 of my time messing around with this. By now I have lost my business number I am sure, and am about to lose my home number. THIS LEVEL OF SUPPORT IS JUST ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS AND IS COSTING THE COMPANY MONEY AND CUSTOMERS I AM SURE. I GUESS I WILL BE FORCED TO LET NETTALK EXPIRE AND GET ANOTHER PROVIDER NO CHOICE! NO SUPPORT!

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